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Transparent Pricing for Your Chicago Journey

Let’s face it, getting around Chicago can be stressful, and sometimes, a charter bus is the best way to do it. At Chicago Bus Charter, we encourage you to explore the diverse pricing options available for charter bus rentals on your Chicago trip. Costs fluctuate based on factors like distance, passenger count, timing, and occasion. Whether you're organizing a corporate event or planning a leisurely outing, rest assured that we offer competitive rates tailored to your needs.

  • Bus Type

  • 3 HR Min

  • 5 HR Min

  • Additional Hours

  • Transfer Rate

  • Per Day (Based on 12 HR Max)

  • 24-Passenger Minibus

  • $485 - $515

  • $625 - $750

  • $110

  • $425 - $475
  • $1325 - $1475
    (12 HR)
  • 35-Passenger Coach Bus

  • $525 -$600

  • $675 - $775

  • $120

  • $475 - $575
  • $1375 - $1495
    (12 HR)
  • 44-Passenger Coach Bus

  • $575 -$625
  • $700 - $790
  • $130
  • $495 - $600
  • $1400 - $1500
    (12 HR)
  • 54-Passenger Coach Bus (with Bathroom)

  • N/A

  • $895 - $975

  • $150

  • $745 - $875
  • $1700 - $2100
    (12 HR)
  • 57-Passenger Coach Bus

  • $650-725
  • $795 - $850
  • $140
  • $625 - $825
  • $1500 - $1650
    (12 HR)
*Rates may vary depending on availability.

Main Factors Affecting Costs for Your Charter Bus Rentals

Embarking on a Chicago charter bus rental journey? Uncover the most influential factors shaping your charter bus prices:

  • # 1 Seasonality

    Charter bus companies experience high demand during certain times of the year, such as summer months when schools are on break, and families are traveling for vacations. Additionally, major events like music festivals or sports tournaments can impact pricing as well. During these times, bus companies may adjust their rates to accommodate the increased demand.

  • # 2 Distance & Duration

    The distance and duration of your trip play a significant role in determining the cost of your charter bus rental. Bus companies typically charge by the hour for shorter trips within the city or nearby areas. For longer trips that extend over several days or cover extensive distances, companies may charge by the day or mileage. It's essential to provide precise details about your trip's distance and duration when requesting a quote to ensure an accurate estimation of costs.

  • # 3 Starting City

    The city where your bus rental begins can also impact the overall cost. Major metropolitan areas like Chicago typically have a higher supply of bus companies, leading to increased competition and potentially lower prices. Conversely, smaller cities or rural areas may experience higher prices due to limited options and less competition. When planning your trip, consider starting from a city with a greater abundance of charter bus options to potentially secure a more competitive rate.

  • # 4 Route Expenses

    In addition to the base rental fee, there may be additional expenses associated with your charter bus trip. These expenses can include tolls for highways or bridges, parking permits for certain destinations, and accommodations for the driver if the trip spans multiple days. It's essential to factor in these additional expenses when budgeting for your charter bus rentals to avoid any surprises.

  • # 5 Driver Shifts & Gratuity

    For longer trips that exceed a certain number of consecutive hours, charter bus rental companies may require additional drivers to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers. These additional drivers may incur extra costs, which should be factored into the overall trip expenses. Additionally, it's customary to tip the drivers for their service at the end of the trip. While tipping is not mandatory, it is a common practice to show appreciation for the driver's efforts throughout the journey.

  • # 6 Bus Type & Amenities

    The type of bus you choose for your charter bus rental can also impact the overall cost. Charter bus companies typically offer a range of bus options, including standard charter buses and minibuses. The size and amenities of the bus can affect the rental price, with larger coaches and those equipped with luxury amenities commanding higher rates. Additionally, certain amenities such as onboard restrooms, entertainment systems, and Wi-Fi access may incur additional charges. When selecting a bus for your trip, consider your group's size and preferences to find the best balance between comfort and affordability.

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Smart Strategies for Minimizing Charter Bus Expenses

If you are looking to save some cash on your charter bus rental, try these smart strategies and keep your expenses under control without compromising on reliable transportation:

  • Optimize Your Itinerary:

    Cut down on extra mileage charges by carefully mapping out your route in advance, including all planned stops. By streamlining your itinerary, you can avoid unnecessary travel distances and save money.

  • Secure Parking Permits Beforehand:

    Reach out to your hotel and event venues proactively to inquire about bus parking permits. By obtaining these permits in advance, you can avoid unexpected parking fees and ensure stress-free transitions throughout your trip.

  • Reserve Early:

    Secure the best rates and beat the competition by booking your Chicago bus rental well ahead of time. Early reservations can lead to significant savings, especially during peak travel periods or busy months like April, May, or June.

  • Explore Driver Accommodation Deals:

    When arranging lodging for your driver, investigate the possibility of discounted or complimentary rooms specifically designated for bus drivers. Taking advantage of these offers can help offset some of the additional costs.

  • Strategize Pickup and Drop-off Points:

    Minimize deadhead costs by cleverly arranging for your bus rentals to begin and end at the same location. This approach eliminates the need for the bus to travel empty between pickup and drop-off points, reducing unnecessary mileage expenses.

  • Select the Right Bus Size and Features:

    Choosing the most suitable charter bus or minibus size for your group can significantly impact your overall costs. Avoid overspending by opting for a bus that comfortably accommodates your group size without unnecessarily lavish amenities or excessive features.

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Customer Testimonials


Great transportation company! Our company has hired Chicago Bus Charter multiple times for various transportation needs. The staff has been excellent, the buses are top of the line, and the drivers are super friendly. We will continue to do business with Chicago Bus Charter as it’s a great company.

Eduardo Garza

I was in the group taking the Christmas Light Tour in Chicago. We really enjoyed the tour and the bus driver was very kind. I left my cell phone at the end of the tour and he did turn around to bring it back. The person who booked the bus says she uses them all the time and recommends Chicago Bus Charter to everyone.

Rayan Rahmani

They are a great company to work with! I had booked them about 6 months out for our daughter’s wedding. I rented the 26 passenger vehicle. It was always easy to get someone on the phone. They contacted me as the event got closer, asked if I needed to make any changes, they emailed me updates throughout the day, when the driver had been dispatched etc. Everyone I talked with was professional and helpful. The prices were very reasonable. I would highly recommend this company, and of course I won’t forget to add they had really nice vehicles

Audrey Vienot

Fantastic buses with fantastic sales and dispatch team. The buses are nicer than I ever expected and ride very smoothly.

The sales team is very genuine and will give you a quote over the phone, and the dispatch team works very hard to make sure the logistics of trips goes as smoothly as possible.

Brannon Wittenberg
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Chicago Charter Bus FAQs

When is the ideal time to reserve my charter bus?

It's recommended to book your charter bus at least a few months in advance, especially during peak travel seasons. This ensures a broader selection of vehicles and increases the likelihood of securing your preferred dates and times.

Is a deposit necessary to secure a charter bus reservation, and if so, what is the typical amount?

When securing a charter bus reservation, it's common for transportation providers to require a deposit. They can range from a flat rate to a percentage of the total bill. Additionally, final payments are usually expected around 30 days before the scheduled charter bus travel date. Many companies offer flexible cancellation policies and allow for full refunds if canceled several months in advance, while cancellations closer to the travel date may result in partial refunds or none at all.

How much does it cost to rent a charter bus for a day?

The cost of a charter bus for a day in Chicago can vary depending on the type of bus selected and any additional factors like amenities or services requested. On average, for a coach bus rental, prices range from $1,200 to $1,700 per day. If you’re opting for a minibus rental, prices typically range from $1,100 to $1,500 per day.

For the most precise pricing information about Chicago bus rentals, we recommend reaching out directly to charter bus rental companies.

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