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Enjoy stress-free group travel with our fleet of eight 24-passenger charter minibusses, available to rent at competitive rates. Designed to mirror the comfort of larger coach buses but on a slightly smaller scale, our minibusses boast comfy reclining leather seats and central air conditioning.

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a 24-Passenger Minibus for Charter in Chicago?

The average daily rate for a 24-passenger minibus rental in Chicago typically falls within the range of $1325 to $1475. However, prices may vary based on factors such as trip duration, distance traveled, and any additional amenities requested. For more precise pricing, we recommend you contact a local charter bus company directly. For personalized quotes and bookings, feel free to call our team at Chicago Bus Charter at (312) 274-0020, available 24/7 to discuss your next trip.

Bus Type

24-Passenger Minibus

  • 3 HR Min

  • 5 HR Min

  • Additional Hours

  • Transfer Rate

  • Per Day (Based on 12 HR Max)

  • $485 - $515

  • $625 - $750

  • $110

  • $425 - $475
  • $1325 - $1475
    (12 HR)
*Rates may vary depending on availability.

Optimal Events for Our 24-Passenger Charter Buses

Get comfort and convenience for a variety of trips and events with our 24-seater coaches designed for small groups.
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