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Explore our exceptional lineup of deluxe 54-seat coach buses, specially designed to redefine group travel comfort and convenience.
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Details on Our 54-Passenger Coach Bus Rentals

Explore our range of coach bus rentals, including a diverse selection capable of accommodating up to 54 passengers while providing ample room for luggage storage with both underbody and overhead compartments. Experience unparalleled comfort during your long-distance travels with our charter bus services, boasting top-tier amenities that are sure to enhance your journey.

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What Are the Charter Rates for 54-Passenger Motor Coaches?

The cost of chartering a 54-passenger motor coach in Chicago can vary depending on factors such as the duration of the trip, distance traveled, and additional amenities. For personalized quotes and bookings, feel free to contact Chicago Bus Charter at (312) 274-0020. Our team is available to assist you with any of your transportation needs.

Bus Type

54-Passenger Coach Bus (with Bathroom)

  • 3 HR Min

  • 5 HR Min

  • Additional Hours

  • Transfer Rate

  • Per Day (Based on 12 HR Max)

  • N/A

  • $895 - $975

  • $150

  • $745 - $875
  • $1700 - $2100
    (12 HR)
*Rates may vary depending on availability.

Discover Ideal Occasions for Our 54-Passenger Charter Bus Rentals

Elevate your corporate events, sporting outings, and school trips with our spacious and comfortable 54-passenger coach bus rentals. Our charter buses provide unmatched convenience and safety for any occasion.
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